Links to other CAP people and other interesting sites

The following links were verified [that they link to an active web page, hopefully the right one] on 12th July 2012. The pages will open in a new window.

These first two links (one re-linked and one new, both added on 10/12/12) might well take you back to a place you had almost forgotten existed.

Antique Computers
Did you work on one?

Computing History
"New" old computers

From CAP Microsoft's BOS to Global 2000
[January 2016] The information in this link appears to be updated and extended. Rick Robinson has done a magnificant job here.

CAP on Facebook

Bob Brock's site
His very own CAP page.

Pat Cooper's Site
Imagine yourself at your absolute best - nourished, healthier, raring to go.....

Trice & Co
Little family business started by daughters of Webmaster.
Links into the music industry - Kaiser Chiefs, Noisettes, Jarvis Cocker, Spiritualize, etc.

Mike Spring's site
For those who like good wine!

James Windle's site
THE DEFINITIVE book on User Acceptance Testing

Brian Eastman's Site
Business in Berkshire

Ian Grimwade's site
Conection to golf USA style (courtesy "Sweaty")

Steve's Photo Site
- Steve Wells site

Jemaward Ltd
- Mike & Karen Willcox's business site.

Handlebar Club
as recommended by Ted Sedman - who else!
Check out Committe Members then el Presidente or click on Contacts!!!!

Cornish Collection
Clive Dixons's holiday company

Bob Malcolms business site

Don Hunter
Don Hunter's's personal site

Steve_Cordery's personal site

Michael Lacey
Thanks Mick (sorry Michael) for suggesting this links page - hope it grows and grows!!.

Schlummies Site
For those who want to know where CAP ended up!

The Atos Site
For those who want to know where CAP/ Sema/ Schlummie ended up!