From: Steve McCarthy (9th October 2010)

I believe everyone should have received a letter about taking part in a survey regarding communications to pension scheme members. The idea is a good one, to get feedback from members. The survey is available online, or can be requested to be sent to you as a paper copy.

I’m sending this email because I think it is worthy of a little reflection before you rush to fill in the survey online. If you haven’t already done it, you will find that the survey asks you what information you would like to receive by ‘push’ and ‘pull’ methods, but makes no suggestions about what could be on offer either based on existing communications or any new proposals. Therefore I would suggest it is worth looking at what you have had in the past and reflecting on what you would really like to see in the future, before doing the survey.

The survey also asks if you are aware of the at pension scheme website. I know from previous feedback that many people were unaware of this website even though everyone is supposed to have been sent login and password details. The survey goes on to ask your views on the facilities on the website. There again I would suggest you have a look around it before doing the survey.

Overall I have the impression that many people believe that improvement to the current communications and level of information provided from the company is essential and this a real chance to influence it.

If you have not received a letter in the next few days then you can access the survey at pension survey.

If you want to contact the company because you haven’t had the survey letter or don’t know about the website, then the person responsible is the Pension Manager, Margaret Kaleher at

Best regards
Steve McCarthy

P.S. if you have any other comments or information about the pension scheme that you would like to pass on then please let me know.

From: Kevin Harris (22nd May '2010)

I happened to browse the CAPnews website today, and saw the report and photos of the 2009 Reading branch reunion. It was great to see so many photos of old friends they brought back a lot of memories of the people and the projects! I used to share a house in Reading with Arnold Hay and Nigel Kempton, and shared a flat near Hastings with Rita Gregory (and Catriona Batty n Campbell, with whom I still exchange Christmas cards), when we worked on a PDP-8-based ATE project in Tenterden in Kent that Clive Hart led. I also recognized several others from the famous Concord fatigue-testing project.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, but I will be in the UK in July and probably again in November, so I was wondering if there are any events planned beyond the CAP Open in June. Please would you let me know? I would love to catch up with some of the people I saw in the photos if there is an opportunity.

If you were not still running the website, I would not have seen the report and photos, so many thanks to you, and to Brian Eastman, who apparently organised the Reading reunion.

I am not sure if you still maintain a directory, but if you do, here is my info, including an e-mail address change:

+1 602 993 6308

418 East Monte Cristo Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85022-3075

Best regards,

P.S., if any of my CAP colleagues visit the USA Southwest, they would be welcome visitors in my home in Phoenix. Our youngest child left home for university last year, so it is just myself and Mary, (whom you may have met when I was at CAP), and we have plenty of room for visitors.

From: Richard Knowles

Hello from another disgruntled pensioner.

Getting the pension paid in the first place was quite an achievement. My retirement date was 23 February 2008 but the pension didn’t get paid until June 2008. I even had to argue with them about how long I had been in the scheme! Luckily I am a squirrel and was able to send them a copy of a 14 year old payslip.

I had a letter a week ago which gave me the 5% increase back dated to May which had been overlooked. As some of the correspondence on the site says it is hardly adequate compensation. I have no recollection of anyone ever saying to me that the pension was only index linked if the trustees were so minded and that I’d better make my own arrangements. I thought I was going to retire in comfort! Luckily I still have a job and it looks as if I’ll be working until I drop or get shot by a jealous husband.

I’m living in Yorkshire now so I don’t often get down to London. I’ll try and make a reunion one day if I can.

Best regards

From: Dawn Ellis re Grenville Baldry

CAPNews recently received an email from Mrs. Dawn Ellis who when attempting to trace some family information came across a newsletter on the CAPNews web site asking for any information on any of the exCAP staff who may have worked on the British Steel Redcar project.

Dawn it transpired is the sister of Grenville Baldry who worked on the project for a number of years but who devastatingly had died on Jan. 2nd 2001 after a long horrendous battle with cancer.

Dawn told us how Gren had married a northern lass who had borne him two beautiful daughters Melissa and Eleanor who along with all of his family still miss him desperately. His eldest daughter, Melissa has now got a gorgeous little girl of 15 months, and his other daughter, Eleanor, got married last March at Hedingham Castle in Essex. It was a beautiful wedding and Grenville would have been very proud of both of his daughters, and for what they have achieved in their lives, personally and professionally.

Both Gren's daughters are deeply saddened that their father has not been able to share their happiness, nor indeed was ever able to see his beautiful first granddaughter, Violet who with a very healthy appetite for both food, and indeed fun, takes so much after her grandfather. Although Grenville died over eight years ago, all the family take comfort from feeling that he is still always with them in spirit.

CAPNews knows that it speaks for all Grens many exCAP friends and colleagues, from those very happy Redcar days, when it asks Dawn to please pass on its deepest, albeit now somewhat belated, condolences to all of Gren's family.