exCAP Open Golf Report and Results 2017

Mike West's report from the exCAP Open.

Hi there Everyone

As (for something like) the past twenty-five odd years - of the 38 years that this event has now been running - on Thursday June 22nd., Sudbury Golf course, in Wembley, North London, once again hosted the 2017 exCAP Open.

The club always 'do us proud' and this year was to be no exception - with the condition of the course being at it's very best, thanks in no small measure no doubt, to the exceptional weather that the country has recently been enjoying. Indeed, the club even managed to abate the heat-wave for the day, and we were 'blessed' with the odd cloud and a gentle breeze, to keep us comfortably cool throughout the entire day!

While the number of attendees this year was unfortunately a tad on the low side, with no less than six previous holders of the prized Presidents' CAPii trophy in the field, it was definitely more a case of 'never mind the width, feel the quality'!

A number of the 'regulars' may have been missing, but the field comprised of (in alphabetical order) messrs., Graham Elliott, Andrew Fox, Mark and Sue Jackman, Anne Le Marinel, Iain McLean, Martin Proudlove, Tim Williams, and Mike West, all of whom were greeted with - in keeping with how most golf days seem to start these days - bacon butties, tea and coffee.

As has now become the traditional start to a exCAP Open golf day, the morning was set aside for a gentle, nine hole Texas Scramble warm-up! While nobody takes it too seriously, it provides everyone with an opportunity to loosen up their swings, while at the same time, catching-up with old friends who (in some cases) they may not have had the chance to meet up with again indeed, since last year's event.

A ploughman's lunch, provided a light repast betwixt the morning's activities and the more serious business of competing for the CAPii, which given our reduced field, was made up of three three-balls.

Messrs. Sue Jackman, Proudlove and West went off first, followed by Elliott, Mark Jackman, and McLean, with Fox, Le Marinel and Williams bringing up the rear. With the smaller field (to our normal) at least it meant that the whole of the day could be played at a more 'gentle' pace, which in some ways made perhaps for a more relaxed - and possibly even more enjoyable - occasion.

Not that the excellent conditions, fine weather and convivial company - not to mention the number of illustrious ex-champions in the field!!! - was subsequently reflected in the final scores, which averaged (disappointedly, it surely must be said!) at just a shade under 26!

At such times, the age old adage 'it is not just the winning, but more the taking part, that's important!' can be called upon. Certainly as far as the playing on the day was concerned, the welcome we were extended by the club, and the condition and circumstances of the day, when measured against how well or otherwise one played, then it surely can be said, that a good time was had by all. And that surely, is what it really is all about!

The Spoils:

One advantage of a smaller field of course is that there is a greater chance for more people to get amongst the spoils - and this year was no exception, when virtually 75% of the attendees went home with something - even if in some cases, it may only have been a golf ball, as was the recognition for winning the morning four-ball Texas Scramble! - won incidentally with the very respectable score of one under gross, by messrs Foxy, the Jackos and Colin Montgomery's ex caddie's brother, Iain McLean!

The remainder of the trophies were shared around, as follows:

Nearest the Pin:Iain McLean
Nearest the Pin in 2 shots:
(par 4 hole)
Andrew Fox
Mystery Six:
(for the BJR Claret Jug)
Martin Proudlove [12]
The (Tony Price) Par 3 Trophy: Andrew Fox (8 points)
Open Champion Presidents' CAPii: Mike West (35 points)

So that's it for another year! Apologies to those who didn't win anything, but everyone being there was, in the end, a winner - whether or not they took home any spoils!

Thanks to everyone who did turn up and hopefully, the good Lord willing, we will all meet up again next year!

Already booked for Thursday the 21st June - so get it in your diaries!