exCAP Open Golf Report and Results 2015

Mike West's report from the exCAP Open.

Hi there Everyone

As exCAP Opens go, 2015 has got to be up there with one of the best over recent years - given that it had everything! Positively splendid weather, a course in excellent condition, a very fine turn out of twenty-one, all of which resulted in golf which, while not generally reaching burn-up standards, was played - as far as it can be judged, from the scores achieved, and from the various comments afterwards - in the best of friendly competitiveness!

While the sun shone, necessitating for those of a fair complexion, the need to apply generous amounts of 'block', a gentle breeze helped to maintain an agreeable temperature, without causing undue waywardness to the little white spheroids, as they sped their way unerringly (in some cases at least - albeit not all!) towards their respective targets.

Twenty-one enthusiasts in all assembled for bacon rolls, prior to the traditional exCAP Open day, nine hole Texas Scramble warm-up. Many naturally, were exCAP Open 'regulars' but it is always good to extend the warmest of welcomes to new faces at the Open - and this year was no exception!

The exCAP Open has been going now for over thirty years, and while the names and dates on the famous CAPii show just how long, nothing quite emphasises it more, than when one of our past Champions brings along her eldest son! Now that really does make (some, at least of the) the rest of us feel old!

So this year while we had our usual array of talents and handicaps - and long may that continue - we also had a 'young gun' to show us how it might be done!

However while, as in many of the walks of life, golf is becoming more and more a younger person's game, sometimes the guile of the more 'mature' exponents of the noble game, can occasionally edge the day - and indeed, as it transpired, that is how it (just) played out, albeit that our latest recruit to the exCAP Open certainly made a most respectable account of himself, and clearly showed that the days of some of us 'oldees' are surely numbered!

While with all 'contests', all the participants would like to win (dearly so, in some cases!) the exCAP Open has also always been - and indeed long may it be so - as much a 'social' event, where it is as important to enjoy the occasion, and indeed the company of the others taking part, as it is for walking off with the 'victor's' trophy!

And while this year's event maintained that ethos, it would be decidedly ungracious of your reported not to record that if there are to be winners and losers then, on this occasion, our (as always very welcome) guests must surely take the plaudits - indeed, filling three of the top four places on the final leaders' board.

All the names, of all those with even modest success, can be seen in the following table, but it would be churlish not to single out the winner and indeed not to extend the heartiest of congratulations to him, namely Ted Murphy. Playing off 22 he scored a highly creditable 36 points, piping a previous (multiple) exCAP Open champion Andy Buchan ('Bucks' to his nearest and dearest fellow golfers) and yet another guest, Steve Warren, by a single point!

While Ted was deservedly able to take away the winner's spoils, he unfortunately wasn't allowed to take home the Champion's Trophy, the prized CAPii which, in accordance with the exCAP Open golf rules, cannot be held by anyone who wasn't, at one time at least, a former CAP employee - so as such, this year Bucks has the chance to (once again) put his name on the trophy - and indeed become our very first player to get his name on the CAPii, for the FOURTH time! Congratulations Bucks, that will be a hard act to follow!

Well done to each of those successful in the championship and indeed to Paul Ouseley who tamed the Par 3 holes to become the Par 3 Champion.

Irrespective of who won what - or indeed didn't actually feature near the top of any leader board! - well done to everyone and a warm thank you for taking the time and effort to be there - without them, the exCAP Open wouldn't be!

So that's it for another year.

Hopefully everyone had a great time and the good Lord willing, we'll all be back next year.

Next year's event will be on Thursday June 16th - same place and same time!

(Get it in your diaries folk - it's too good to miss!)

All the Winners of Something - and how they did and what they got for their efforts!

Cheers for now


and the all important results:

Mystery Six: Matt Jackman [13]
(Bottle of wine)
Longest Drive: Andrew Fox
(Bottle of wine)
Nearest the Pin: Andrew Fox
(Bottle of wine)
The John Ritchie Jug: Ted Murphy [16]
(The BJR JUG/Medal/Bottle of wine)
Booby prize for the Lowest Score: Dave Webb [xx]
(Bottle of wine)
Tote Money Pot Winner: Mark Jackman (Total pts - 582)
Paul Welch (Par 3 pts - 131)
Par 3 Champion: Paul Ouseley[10]
(Plaque/Trophy/Bottle of wine/Three golf balls)
Par 3 Runner Up: Mark Jackman [9]
(Paper Weight/Bottle of wine)
Par 3 Third Place: Ted Murphy [8]
(Three golf balls)
Open Champion: Ted Murphy [36]
(Trophy/Bottle Malt Whisky/Three golf balls)
Open Runner Up: Andy Buchan - on count back [35]
(CAPii/Medal/Bottle of wine)
Open Third Place: Steve Warren [35]
(Three golf balls)