exCAP Open Golf Report and Results 2013

Yes, a tad late, but the results of the exCAP Open 2013 golf day are in.

The event in fact took place way back in June (Thursday 20th) at Sudbury Golf Club.

As usual they looked after us admirably and the course was in magnificent condition, which given they had also arranged for goodly weather conditions - in the middle of a period, if one recalls, when it was anything but 'clement' - provided a perfect setting for a most agreeable day, even if the standard of golf for the majority of the participants regrettably fell a tad short!

At least the Championship winning score did manage to make thirty-six points, so gave some semblance of respectability to the proceedings!

The turn-out was a highly creditable 18 - made up pleasingly by a majority of ex CAPers (and Sema chaps) but with half a dozen or so, of some (as always) very welcome guests.

Indeed this year, our guests made their presence felt by walking away with two of the major competitions - namely the Open Championship itself, as well as the John Ritchie Tribute competition. Although the winner naturally won the spoils, he wasn't allowed to take away the winner's trophy (The Capii) which for the coming year is in the safe hands of the runner up, Martin Proudlove - indeed a past Champion himself, so a very worthy guardian!

As can be seen from the 'Winner's board' while the big spots (and indeed the plaudits and congratulations) deservedly went to our guests, the majority of the minor awards were picked up by our own - although when it came to winners, I think everyone could feel that by the end of the day, they also were a winner, just be being there!

A good day was I think enjoyed by all - with intentions generally to return again next year for a repeat - as always, the same course and same day, namely the third Thursday in June.

Texas Scramble Winners
(Three golf balls for each player)
Graham Elliott, Brian Currant and Martin Proudlove
Mystery Six: Tim Williams [15] Longest Drive: Martin Proudlove Nearest the Pin: Andrew Fox (Andy Buchan)
The John Ritchie Jug: Vic Crawford [15]
(The BJR JUG/Bottle of Port/Gleneagles Dibber)
Booby prize for the Lowest Score: Graham Elliott [20]
(Bottle of Wine)
Tote Money Pot Winner: Martin Proudlove [507]
(Tote Money Pot)
Par 3 Champion: Andrew Fox [10]
(Plaque/Bottle Port/Gleneagles Ryder Cup Ball marker)
Par 3 Runner Up: Vic Crawford [10]
(Bottle of Wine)
Par 3 Third Place: Tim Williams [9]
(Three golf balls)
Open Champion: Tony Wratten [36]
(CAPii/Bottle Malt Whisky/Gleneagles Marker Coin)
Open Runner Up: Martin Proudlove [35]
(Bottle of Wine)
Open Third Place: Sue Jackman [35]
(Three golf balls)