Westie's Latest Editorial

Hi there once again.

As I sit here to figuratively pen this, two things immediately strike me - one is that I have again failed miserably in my intentions to make these editorials a more frequent occurrence, and two, I wonder just how many of you are out there avidly perusing the pearls of information flowing forth.

We do know that there are at least five readers, who occasionally log on to CAPnews, because having announced that the site 'Is under review' we have received that number of frantic entreaties - well in a couple of cases, I guess, 'mild enquiries' might be a slightly more appropriate description - as to what is happening!

Well as you can see, mixed metaphorically speaking, the proof of the pudding is in the reading. We are still here, albeit possibly in a slightly reduced format. It is not so much that interest has fallen off - heaven forbid that it was ever there in the first place - but that it was becoming ever more difficult to get even mildly interesting material to present. And besides, it has been such a fantastic summer that both our ever esteemed web master and yours truly, have been overly busy attending to other mundane activities, such as manicuring the lawn, propelling golf balls into the next county, or as in my own case, decorating the decrepit properties of ones youngest and dearest. If ever one of your off springs decides to buy an older property, with (in 'estate agents speak') plenty of charm and opportunity to develop, then may I suggest that you either decide to emigrate, or vehemently deny all and any knowledge of DIY!

I guess for a while we did consider closing down altogether, but given the enormous response from our avid following, we have after all decided to soldier on. However, talking about the weather, hasn't it been just a great summer, and thanks to that, what about the most spectacular autumn we're now enjoying - aren't the colours of the trees just too amazing. Apparently, it is the most colourful autumn on record. I don't have many regrets, but at times like this, wouldn't it be just wonderful to be able to paint - on canvas, that is, as opposed to window frames and the like!

Even though CAPnews may have been in something of a summer hibernation, the rest of the world has surprisingly managed to carry on, not that IDS may wish to recall it with much enthusiasm. CAPnews, not wishing to usurp other worthy rival authorities as Viz or Private Eye on such matters, feels that as quiet men go, he didn't seem to have a great deal to say, but he was a very nice man. Maybe he should have followed the philosophy of CAPnews Editors - why say something in ten words when you can say it in fifty - and say it very loudly! Anyway, politicians come and go. At least IDS will now have more time to finish writing his book - no, not his memoirs, it really is a book apparently, not a short article. It is supposedly a thriller, on the intrigue, and back stabbings (in more ways than one!) about the comings and goings at the seat of power - so on second thoughts maybe it is autobiographical after all!

Nearer to home, I see that CAP - we still like to nostalgically call it that, despite the numerous derivations - have (or maybe that should read, are in the process of) again been sold/taken over/merged. This time to another French company called Atos Origin. All CAPnews can say is that it hopes that the new owners make a better fist of it, than former 'take over-ees'. Without wishing to get too provocative, it seems that with each successive name change, what was once a great company, has gone further down 'le pan'! 'Flushed with opportunity' has somehow had a whole new meaning!

Anyway on a more parochial note, CAPnews is sure you'll all be pleased to know that changing his email address did provide its editor with at least a modicum of peace and quiet for a few months from the plague of invidious spanners constantly pervading the net. As a result various parts of his anatomy have once again returned to normal proportions, and it doesn't take him ten minutes each day to delete all the crud from his in-tray before he can get down to enjoying the odd email that long lost (but not forgotten!) friends and colleagues avail him with. Incidentally, the Ed. wishes to apologies through CAPnews to anyone who may have tried to contact with him recently, but has not always received any response - this was not because he didn't appreciate your missive, nor because he is just an idle what's it! The Ed. news desk (so to speak) fell foul to a catalogue of catastrophes, not least he lost his in-tray altogether - he claims 'everything just disappeared' but obviously he's just incompetent!

Anyway, please keep those emails coming, they are always welcome. Actually by checking back on the site may after all have an added benefit, in that it will give you something to comment on. So get those keyboards running hot and let us know your views - for and against - on the new format. We really do appreciate (and need) your input.

So for now, CAPnews trusts that you are all well and girthing yourselves with the last vestiges of summer, before the annual forage for Christmas cheer once again begins. Good Lord, only about another fifty odd shopping days left, where has the year gone?

Stay happy and healthy.

'Bye for now,