CAP Northern Reunion November 2011

There was a "CAP" Northern meeting on the evening of 25th November (there is a meeting on the last Friday of each month but the November one is a three line whip sort of).

Here are the photos (Courtesy Mick Lacey). CAP Northern Reunion

Can you put names to them?


Here are the results of the 2011 exCAP Open. played onThursday June 16th at the Sudbury Golf Club, Wembley

Texas Scramble Winners Rob Lord; Ted Murphy; Vic Crawford; Ilker Yaman  
Mystery Six: Ilker Yaman Longest Drive: Mike Elson Nearest the Pin: Paul Archer
Par 3 Champion: Vic Crawford Par 3 Runner Up: Mike Elson Par 3 Third Place: Ted Murphy
Open Champion: Jon Stone Open Ronner Up: Dave Barton Open Third Place: Ted Murphy

CAP 50 2012

I know that this is going to be long - even by my standards - so don't say you haven't been warned, but PLEASE read it through. There really is a lot of great stuff to tell you about!

As I'm sure you will all know, in Nineteen Sixty-two, three very enthusiastic, entreprenuerial (and some said at the time possibly certifiable) gentlemen, founded a company, which later we all came universally to know, and love, as CAP.

While for the blossoming computing industry as a whole it may have been a fairly small first step, for those of us who were lucky enough thereafter to join the company it was one giant life-changing stride!

Though it can rightfully be claimed that its work, and more importantly its workers, undoubtedly helped to promulgate and establish the (at that time) budding computing industry in the UK at least, CAP's greatest achievement in the minds of many, is that it helped to form and cement many life time friendships.

Well this email is to let you all know that if you would like, possibly one last opportunity to catch up on many of those people with whom you were lucky enough to have worked over the ages, but with whom of late you might just possibly have lost touch, NOW is your chance!

A Re-Union is being set up to commemorate the Fiftieth Anniversary of that historic, and for us, momentous occasion, to which YOU ARE ALL INVITED!

While it will not take place until NEXT year - indeed put SATURDAY June 30th. 2012, in your diaries because that WILL be the date - you are being notified now so that

(i) you will have no excuses for missing it, and

(ii) you can reserve your place if you would like to attend.

The venue will be the HMS President, which is permanently moored alongside the Embankment in London. This has been chosen because apart from being a very suitable and pleasant setting, it is easy to get to (Temple tube station is no more than 300 yards away) and will be able to accommodate however many people that eventually attend, without them all either rattling around or being crammed together.

Attached you will find an Attendance Application form (in Excel) with which you can book your place. While the form gives the event a somewhat formal status, it doesn't really matter how you convey your desire to attend - an ordinary email will equally suffice,

but please NO telephone calls or just words of mouth! It will be hard enough keeping track as it is - hopefully there will be hundreds of you clambering to attend - so something written is essential, and will be the ONLY accredited application!

But please DON'T wait until next year to respond to this - if you think that you would like to attend, then please reply NOW. At this point in time it is more important for us to know the likely NUMBER of people who we will need to cater for, rather than the actual names.

While the final cost will be fifty pounds per head, as a fairly hefty deposit is required by the venue to secure the booking, a small deposit with your application will be gratefully received and will definitely help to fend off the organiser's bank manager! So many thanks in advance for those, which as reiterated below, will be fully refundable should, at a later stage, you find yourself having to pull out.

For your money incidentally you will get FULL sustenance following a welcoming drink - but regrettably after that you will need to pay for your own drinks, which will include eg. London Pride and all the usual wines and spirits, but NOT we're pleased to say at silly prices! They might be slightly more than you would expect to pay down at your local but nothing too painful! Indeed, for example it has already been agreed with the venue that we will be able to buy wine by the bottle as well as the glass, which will at least help to keep the costs down for the wine drinkers amongst you!

The format itself will be similar to those earlier of CAP40 and CAP2000, in that it will be purely a 'mix and mingle' reception type gathering, but instead of the usual finger buffet/canapes etc., we will have a full BBQ, with all the usual stuff, and possibly (if enough people turn up!) maybe even a Hog Roast Spit! But no formal sit down meal. Precisely what the faire will be, will depend on attendance numbers but be assured you will NOT go away hungry!!

Vegetarian food will also be available, so please, indicate if you are a 'veggie' on the form when you apply.

The event is scheduled to run between 4.00pm and 9.00pm - but can in fact go on as long (virtually) as we might wish. So, those who have homes to go to (however far away) should still be able to have a good craic and still get home at a sensible hour, while those of us who will want to hang around, will be able to stay for as long as they like.

Although not associated with the venue, it is hoped to try and sort out some favourably priced hotel accommodation for those who may wish to stay in London overnight. So if you are interested please let me know at some stage. (Where that will be is still to be determined, but more on that nearer the time!)


To celebrate, approximately, the 30th anniversary of the start of the Lloyds Bank Project a reunion is being organised for Sunday 12th June 2011 at Robbie Hill's home in Highgate.

Invitations will be sent to all people that we have contact details for but we realise our list is far from complete.


CAPNews over the years has accumulated e-mail addresses which ex CAP staff have provided to us. None of these are communicated to third parties and are indeed held privately by CAPNews for communication to ex CAP staff only.

Should any ex member of CAP staff wish to get in touch with an ex colleague, CAPNews will e-mail that person with the requester's e-mail address so that the contact can be made if the colleague indeed wishes to make contact, informing the requester by copy e-mail.

CAPNews recognizes that some e-mails it may hold may have changed in recent years and that it would be happy to receive updates to maintain the list as up to date as possible.

CAP OPEN 2010 Results

Not wishing for this report to be all about me I will simply say that I came joint 7th out of a total field of 24 - so a fairly creditable albeit it has to be admitted, a forlorn attempt.

Given the turn-out (including half a dozen or so very welcome guests), the fine weather (warm and sunny, with just a waft of breeze, to keep it comfortable) and the course, which was in tip top condition, I think everyone had an enjoyable day - even if the overall scoring didn't quite match up with either the enjoyment or the conditions!

Although there were a few of the more regular (and indeed notable) past attendees missing from the event this year, there was a good turn out of exCAPers, who, as can be seen from the attachment (of winners) more than accounted for themselves when it came to collecting the prizes.

This year will be additionally memorable for the event giving us it's first three times winner, in Andy Buchan and many congratulations go to him and other exCAPer winners including Mark Jackman, who became the Par 3 Champion and Les Wilson, who (in the person of Rob Lord) picked up most of the minor prizes.

Due to a 'work calling' Les was unable to stay for the presentation and so nominated Rob Lord to collect his prizes - with the result that when it came to the photo call Rob appears in around half of them!

The full results were:-)

Texas Scramble Winners : - Mike Coulson, Mike Elson, Sue Jackman, Barry Powell

Mystery 'Six' : - Les Wilson

Longest Drive : - Les Wilson

Nearest the Pin : - Powell Barry

Par 3 Champion : - Mark Jackman (9 pts) Par 3 Runner-Up : - Lord Rob on C/b (8)

Par 3 Third Pl. : - Fox Andrew on C/b (8)

OPEN Champion : - Andy Buchan (33 pts) OPEN Runner-UP : - Wilson Les on C/b (32)

OPEN 3rd. Pl. : - Poland Richard on C/b (32)

click an image to see a larger version, use the arrow keys or click the left or right side of the image to step through (click outside the image, or press Esc to close).

Ben Hotchkiss, Dave Barton, Westie, Stuart Skelsey

Chris Knight (guest/sitting), Mike Elson, Sue Jackman, Mike Coulson, Barry Powell

Sue Jackman, Barry Powell, Mike Coulson, Mike Elson, Westie

Westie & Rob Lord
(representing Les Wilson)

Westie & Rob Lord
(representing Les Wilson)

Westie & Barry Powell

Westie & Andrew Fox

Westie & Rob Lord

Westie & Mark Jackman

Westie & Richard Poland

Westie & Rob Lord

Westie & Andy Buchan

CAP Reading Reunion 18th July 2009

It seemed like a good idea over a liquid lunch on 23rd December 2008 in The Three Guineas when a few ex CAP Reading silver surfers thought it would be a good idea to organise a reunion for 2009 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of moving to Trafalgar House (now a block of apartments).

Like all good CAP projects, the system was delivered on time and within budget on Saturday 18th July 2009 when over 50 ex Reading CAPpers and some partners and guests met at Il Gusto (The Corn Stores) in Reading for a few beers, some food and lots of chat and reminiscing. Not only was the last CAP Reading Manager present, Keith Gathergood, but also we were all pleased to see the first, John McLeod.

An extremely huge thank you to Brian Eastman for organizing such an enjoyable evening, with a little help from John Ritchie.

Here are a few informal pictures.

click an image to see a larger version, use the arrow keys or click the left or right side of the image to step through (click outside the image, or press Esc to close).

Andrew Mackie, Nick Wintle

Aileen Skegg, Arnold Hay, John Bentley [front], Mike & Gill Hegarty

Bonny Lad, Mike Coulson

Clive Hart, Nigel Kempton

John Smart, Arnold Hay, Brian Easteal

Whose Who?

Ken & Pam Camichel, Ron Dowding

John Richards, Dave Webby

Cathy Gathergood, Mike West

Richard Lever, Sheila Wright, Coral Richards

Brian Easteal and Ted Sedman

Keith Gathergood, Richard Lever, Val Uglow, Jean Webby

Sal Ritchie, Denise Fellows

John Ritchie, Ruth Perkins

Clive Hart, Rita Gregory, Ken Camichel

John Richards, Ade & Lise Allan

John & Sue Brookhouse

John McLeod

Anne Hennelly

Joan & Terry Allcroft, Denise Stone

Stuart Turner

Geoff Prett

Ted Sedman, Sal Ritchie, Westie, Graham Elliott, John Smart

Sheila Wright, Frank Perkins, Anne Hennelly, Mike Coulson

Liz Giles, Frank Perkins

the Kemptons, the Turners, the Camichels, Lise Allan

Steve Wells, Doug Robertson

John Mcleod, John & Coral Richards

Richard Lever, Jean Webby, Paul & Christine Hissett

Peter Weston & Christine, Sheelagh Trice, Jean Hart

Dave Webby, Steve Wells, Doug Robertson

Anne Hennelly, Linda & Dave Grant
Photos by Arthur Trice

People who worked for CAP Reading who were there (some with their spouses) were:-

Richard Lever
Anne Hennelly
Geoff Prett
Pete Weston
Steve Wells
Rita Gregory
John Bentley
Shirley Forster
Sheila Wright
John Richards
John Ritchie
Clive Hart
Brian Eastman
Liz Giles
Mike Coulson
Keith Gathergood
Nigel Kempton
Margaret Kempton
John Skegg
Aileen Skegg
Ted Sedman
Matthew Bowden
Dave Uglow
Nick Wintle
Doug Robertson
Chris Rayers
Ruth Perkins
Frank Perkins
Arnold Hay
John Brookhouse
John Smart
Dave Ellis
Denise Stone
Paul Hissett
Andrew Mackie
Joan Allcroft
Rosemary Wintle
Jeanette Morgan
Ken Camichel
Judith Rayers
Dave Grant
Linda Grant
Brian Easteal
Denise Fellows
Gill Hegarty
Mike Hegarty
Chris Beesley
Tracey Beesley
Dave Webby
Stuart Turner
Arthur Trice
John MacLeod
Ade Allan
Lise Allen
Ron Dowding

plus guests ex CAP Personnel Manager Graham Elliott and CAPNews Editor Mike West.

CAP Open 2009 Results

The weather on the 18th July was truly summery and ideal for the 2009 CAP Open golf at Sudbury GC just north of Hanger Lane in London. 15 ex CAP golfers and their guests of varying abilities teed off in groups of three for a 9 hole Texas Scramble in the morning and the 18 hole CAP Open tournament in the afternoon.

The competition prizes were well distributed amongst the competitors and those who played not quite so well were rewarded with prizes from an impressive raffle, the proceeds going to the NSPCC.

The results were:-

Texas Scramble: Ben Hotchkiss, Dave Webb and Mike West
Longest Drive: Andrew Fox
Nearest the Pin: Les Wilson
Par 3s 3rd Place: John Ritchie
Par 3s Runner Up: Andy Buchan
Par 3s Champion: Dave Hunter
Open 3rd Place: Dave Hunter
Open Runner Up: Mike Coulson
Open Champion: Mike West

Photos by kind permission of Frank Perkins and Mike Coulson's mobile phone technology

Mike West won last year with the second highest score (a guest won and only exCAP staff qualify for the trophy), but this year he was the outright winner - congratulations to Mike.

Actually Mr West is "on a roll" as on the following Monday he won the Dummer GC (webmaster's club) Mixed Open Stableford Competition with 41 points (and John Ritchie won the Division 1 trophy for players with handicaps 0 to 20).

Next year's CAP Open will be held at the same venue on the third Thursday in June - make a note in your diaries.

Final China Report - from Roger Teal - Posted 1st February 2009

Roger Teal has sent CAPNews his last very interesting piece on China - complete with pictures. We shall miss them. Thanks Roger


Final China Report (1.21Mb)