Editorial 20th December 2003

Mike West

Westie's Christmas Message 2003

Hi Everyone,

A very happy Christmas to you all!

Well once again its 'Advent calender window opening' time, which while a joyful time in itself, is also a salutary reminder - not to say uncomfortable conscience pricker - that once again I haven't been keeping in very regular contact. And that's despite the strongest of resolutions last new year!

I hope you're all well and prepared for the coming festivities. Everything seems to start so much earlier these days, and yet before we know it, we'll be taking down all the decorations and paraphernalia and putting them away for another twelve months.

My calender this year is a wonderfully traditional 3-D number, with all the kings and shepherds, and all manner of animals, even including a camel - the first one I have ever seen at the Nativity - assembling around the mother and baby, in the midst of a very splendid stable, which looks as though it would have been much more comfortable than any five star abode - not that, at the time in question, boarding establishments had yet begun being star rated by the AA or Egon Ronay! The little windows are very cunningly hidden around, which makes finding the appropriate one for the day something of a challenge - today's one in fact took me at least three minutes to find, being sneakily hidden among the tiles on the roof of the stable! All the pictures express the real meaning of the season, with to-days offering, depicting the Archangel Gabrielle appearing to Mary - no doubt explaining in detail what forthcoming events were to transpire, and worrying the poor girl half to death! Thankfully for many of us, she was not to be deterred!

Since my last scribing, Britannia final ruled the rugby playing fields of the world - if not the waves! - putting, I was both delighted and relieved in equal measure, the dreaded lager swilling POM bashers in their deserved place. But oh, it was far too nerve rackingly close for comfort - but I guess if one has to have heroes, then some blood letting and sweat, has to be borne. Needless to say, 'King' Jonny has since been bestowed with virtually every honour imaginable - but being (at least until the tabloids make up some dastardly drivel about him!) rather a 'nice' chap, most people seem fairly pleased.

Indeed it wasn't just the Aussies who have been put to the sword of late, Sadman finally got his come uppance too! In fact he did look a somewhat forlorn figure, although if he'd thought of bleaching his beard, instead of dying it black, and donned a red outfit and hat, he might well have got away with it. Who knows!

Overall it has been a bit of a pretty full and eventful year - it may not have started too optimistically, but well maybe its ending on a happier, safer note. CAPnews hopes so, and wishes you all a joyful Christmas and a happy and healthy forthcoming 2004.

Cheers for now.